Recognised Expert-In-Practice


Produce training resources for leading BIM enabling products, which incorporate industry best practice and are aligned to recognised BIM protocols and standards. The modular nature of the courseware should provide flexibility in terms of content and delivery format to cater for the learning path of the delegate, the company and the project, at the most appropriate time.

Technology Driven

We teach the process of BIM using the technology, not simple software training

Industry Approved

All our training programmes are industry approved task based and not pure software functionality

International Standards

All teaching material is aligned to industry best practice and recognised international BIM standards (ISO19650)

Developed in Metric

All our resources are designed and developed in Europe and in Metric

Truly Blended

We offer the only truly blended learning solution that utilises the same resources for both face-to-face teaching and digital self-paced learning

Quality & Consistency

Ensured quality and consistency across all classroom and eLearning materials

Modular. Self-paced. Bespoke

All our courses are modular, enabling bespoke course creation and self-paced learning

Who We Are

Our Directors

Peter Routledge Author, Director

With more than 30 years of structural engineering and design software experience, Peter is a partner and major contributor to the White Frog range of training programmes, from conceptual design tools through to manufacturing. Peter is an international educator and speaker, currently an advisory member of the UK Government BIM2016 task group and a former partner of the Manufacturers E-working Together within an Integrated Supply chain (METIS) project. He is a consultant to leading developers, contractors, design practices, governments and educational organisations on the adoption and implementation of BIM technology.

Paul Woddy Author, Director

Former product evangelist for Revit Technologies Inc and then Autodesk, Paul has advised hundreds of companies on the implementation and deployment of Revit and BIM in more than a decade as a consultant, trainer and Revit Guru. Paul is a committee members chairman of the Revit sub-group for the AEC (UK) BIM Protocols. Now as author, publisher and trainer of trainers, Paul is focusing on the strategic side of bringing about BIM within companies and the wider market. White Frog modular courseware is fast becoming the professional's tool of choice around the world.

reliable reputable leader

Sole training and delivery partner for DEC

Design Engineer Construct!® (DEC!) is an accredited curriculum by the UK Department for Education. It is aimed at a generation of tech savvy young learners, from the age of 11 upwards, who need support to grasp the application of pure subjects and how they relate to solving some of the world’s greatest challenges in sustainable living.

DEC! is a new qualification that offers teachers and learners the opportunity to develop a range of skills and knowledge fundamental to successful engagement in technical and professional aspects of the Construction and Built Environment sector of industry.

Thanks to the extraordinary support of industry leaders, professional bodies and progressive universities, DEC! Delivers an inspiring programme that is up to date and in demand by the very people who will employ our children.

White Frog is the sole training and delivery partner for Design Engineer Construct.

Committee member of BIM4SME

BIM4SMEs is a non-profit making organisation made up of individuals from different sectors within the construction industry.

BIM4SME is part of the national BIM Task Group and are here to enable small and medium business in their BIM journey.

BIM4 communities are a collaboration of specialist interests groups who champion BIM in their respective specialist areas. The BIM4 communities seek to develop consistency of messaging in a clear and concise manner to support both new and existing professionals in their respective BIM journeys.

White Frog are committee members actively promoting BIM use to SME members and are the training partner for BIM4SME.


Co-Chair of the AEC (UK) BIM Protocols committee

The AEC (UK) Initiative was formed in 2000 to improve the process of design information production, management and exchange. Initially the initiative addressed CAD layering conventions as the primary concern for users of design data. As design needs and technology has developed, the initiative has expanded to cover other aspects of design data production and information exchange.

The committee was re-formed in 2009, including new members from companies and consultancies highly experienced in BIM software and implementation, to address the growing need within the UK AEC industry for application of UK standards in a unified, practical & pragmatic manner within a design environment. The AEC (UK) BIM Protocol was first released in November 2009, and this updated version collates the learning and experience gained since then. This generic document provides platform-independent protocols which are further enhanced by the software specific supplements.

White Frog's Paul Woddy co-chairs this committee and all our courses have the distinction of being aligned to the best practice defined in these protocols. Industry credibility.

BIM Task Force – BIM capability compass

The BIM capability assessment tool has been designed to align supply chain BIM capability with ISO19650 deliverables and de-risk client procurement.

The tool is endorsed by major clients and industry leaders and is aligned with the UK BIM Framework learning outcomes, it produces evidence and benchmarks BIM capability, and can be used to prepare upskilling action plans for training and development.


Core competencies will cover Collaborative Management (BS1192:2007), Design management (BS7000-4:2013), Library Objects (BS8541), Information Management: Capital Delivery phase (ISO19650-2:2018), Information Management: Operational Delivery phase (ISO19650-3:2020), COBie Information Exchange (BS1192-4) and Government Soft landings.

White Frog are contributors to the compass assessment and training taskforce.

China – Future Campus – Developing Smart Low Carbon University

At an event held at the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) in Beijing May 2015, White Frog were proud participants in the Future Campus team of international experts researching lower carbon emissions and the use of BIM.


Saiwill are White Frog's agent in China. At the event Saiwill was presented with the distinguished honour of becoming a BIM training and certification centre by the Minister for Training and Certification.

BIM Institute Africa

The BIM Institute and BIM Academy Africa serve as Africa’s BIM voice in developing standards and education for the built environment and our team of experts are currently working to develop standard methods of measurement for adoption across Africa.

White Frog are the training partners and promote the adoption of BIM with technical support to the Institute and elearning programmes made available on their academy. We also provide numerous training programmes to the leading universities and training centres across southern Africa to ensure professionals and students receive best practice BIM education.