Virtual Project – BIM Project Certification Training

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Course Aim

This easy-to-follow course is designed specifically to aid those in a position of management within the Architectural, Engineering, Construction and Operation sectors (AECO) sectors or members of a project team tasked with producing deliverables along Building Information Modelling (BIM) principles. The content has been fully reworked and updated to incorporate the requirements of the new international ISO 19650 standards and compliance with BIM Stage 2 maturity as detailed within those standards. The intention is to understand BIM from different stakeholder perspectives, rather than a single, blinkered approach; to realise how data can and should be structured to maximise usage; to explore what the data can do if collated and presented in a collaborative way. This course uses a combination of theory, workshop, and hands-on exercises to explore and understand the relevant national and international standards as well as market best practice. The course contains helpful tips and tricks and will be an invaluable reminder of the topics covered in your learning and a source of reference for years to come.

Virtual Project – BIM Project Certification Training (3 days)

Module 0.1

What is BIM?

Module 0.2

Case Study Examples

Module 1.1

Introducing the CDE

Module 1.2

The Project Design Brief

Module 1.3

EIRs, AIRs and the NBS BIM Toolkit

Module 1.4

The BIM Execution Plan

Module 1.5

Client Information Exchange – Introducing COBie

     COBie Data Drop at Stage 1

Module 1.6

Security-Minded BIM

Module 2.1

Design Concept (Mass) Modelling

     Environmental - Energy Analysis

     Developing the Concept (Mass) Model

     Coordination Review

Module 2.2

COBie Data Drop at Stage 2

Module 3.1 

Discipline-Specific Design Authoring

     Model Transmittal

     Design Review and resolve identified issues

Module 3.2 

Model Federation and Clash Detection

     Validate the model

Module 3.3

COBie Data Drop at Stage 3

Module 4.1

Rendering and Visual Production

Module 4.2

4D - Construction Simulation

Module 4.3

5D - Cost Model

Module 4.4

5D - Quantity Take-Off

Module 4.5

Populating the Model with Data

Module 4.6

COBie Data Drop at Stage 4

Module 6.1

Introduction to BIM in FM

     COBie Data Drop at stage 6

  • Clearly understand and convey to others the meaning of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and its impact on the industry and their role in particular
  • Apply knowledge and understanding of the BIM process and the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved in each phase, to effectively manage a team or project
  • Understand and convey the differing perspectives of BIM, including exploration of the use-cases around parametric modelling, interoperability and information exchange processes
  • Describe how to address the interaction and interface challenges faced by project teams and groups
  • Understand issues that affect collaborative project working including people, process, technologies and trust
  • Reflect and learn from project experiences to enhance current and future efficacy

There are no requirements for this course.